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Advertising for your entertainment

I wanted to dedicate this post to advertising in its various shapes and forms that have caught my eye in the near past. The first is one of the most creative bits of advertising I have seen, tackling a really difficult issue in an innovative way.     The tangible nature of such a targeted … Continue reading

What does Hummingbird mean for SEO?

  A couple of weeks back, on the eve of their fifteenth birthday, Google released its latest algorithm update dubbed ‘Hummingbird’.   This update aims to improve the experience of users, with a bigger focus on understanding the search semantics.   Essentially, search semantics means that the search results are based more on what the … Continue reading

Push notifications…pushing people away?

Push notifications were introduced with iOS 3.0 and considering the growing popularity of mobile technology (from both a consumer and advertiser standpoint), it makes sense that the use of notifications as an advertising medium is becoming more strategic. Strategic uses of push notifications can remind consumers of important dates (“time for kick-off!”), prompt actions (“time … Continue reading

Sao Paulo 2016 – the digital Olympics

  Expect to see a massive online presence from Olympic sponsors in Brazil 2016.   Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city with over 11 million inhabitants, banned outdoor advertising in 2006 with the so-called ‘Clean City Law’. Over 15’000 billboards were taken down, much to the detriment of the advertising industry. Critics of the law feared massive … Continue reading

Marketing is like acting – know your backstory!

Marketing personas are imaginary versions of your prospective customers, and are used to better understand your target audience and develop more effective content. An effective marketing persona ticks of all the well established informational needs for marketers, such as goals, decision-making processes, buyer roles and information search methods (just to name a few). What isn’t as well … Continue reading

How much is ‘sharing’ worth for Samsung?

  Samsung’s ‘Smart Phone Line’ campaign for the new Galaxy S4 is one of the most creative use of the digital mediums in recent times. The basic idea of the campaign was to replace the traditional queue out the front of the store in the days leading up to the release, with a virtual queue … Continue reading

Chipotle: food with integrity

Chipotle has just released a new video that continues with their message of sustainable farming and food production. Having already released a video with a similar animated story that also preaches the morality of the brand, this video is more a continuation of an existing campaign than anything revolutionary. This time however, Chipotle has also … Continue reading

How quick is quick enough for marketers?

Ask any consumer and they’ll tell you – they don’t want to wait! And while you’ve documented their response, they’ll have fired off a quick tweet, checked the overnight sports results and probably even checked the seven-day weather forecast…all on their mobile phone. Technology fragmentation and advertising clutter has made it harder for brands to … Continue reading

The empowered consumer – a force for good or evil?

Emerging technologies are empowering consumers more than ever before, shifting the power balance that has long governed the marketer-consumer relationship. But is the empowered consumer a force for good or evil? The modern, empowered consumer has many tools at their disposal: Comprehensive information accessible with just a click of the button Direct lines of communication with … Continue reading

Where’s my flying car?

Having grown up being bombarded with fanciful portrayals of the future with TV shows such as Futurama and Back To The Future, I have one major concern with the ‘future’ we live in. Where the bloody hell is my flying car!? Well, as it turns out my flying car could be on the market in … Continue reading